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Being a part of our team is more than just another 9 to 5 job- It's a lifestyle! We come from all different walks of life; some of us came from the retail industry, others were teachers, nurses, and even lawyers, but we all have one goal in common- to build a legacy that lasts and not have anyone else control our destiny. We all learn together, grow together, and even travel together on exotic trips. We’ve created a culture that feels like your extended family. In an industry where most agencies sell you a dream, we are here to help you actually build your legacy!


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About GWG

We are a team dedicated to providing thousands of families with peace of mind by helping them with their final expense insurance needs. With our agency, the mantra is simple: a promise made is a promise kept, and transparency is a key component towards our success. For this reason, we go above and beyond to ensure that any new agent we choose to partner with isn't left alone in the dark and doesn't have to learn our product the 'hard' way. The company we partner with holds up to their end of the bargain too by sticking to their core values and bold promises when it comes to paying out claims to the families we protect and commissions to our agents, all while maintaining an Excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and A.M.'s Best. Pair our company's strong reputation with our agency's willingness to lead from the front and guide our partners every step along the way, and you get a winning formula.


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Who We Are

We are a hard-working team of final expense insurance experts with a passion for helping others achieve their own level of financial freedom. For us, it’s not enough that we found success here, we want to guide as many others to achieve that same level of success - And that means YOU!

Benefits of Working With Us


Get paid daily & earn residual income

Smart individuals are giving up traditional paying jobs everyday to build sustainable wealth through a little thing called residual income. With every policy sold, a portion of that sale will grow your residual income. This means that even when you're on vacation sipping on a Mai Thai, your past work will still be working for you. That's how you can skip the corporate ladder and build your own ladder — one that leads to success.


Be Your Own Boss


In the corporate world, our ideas to innovate and improve the businesses we worked for were immediately shut down because they didn't "fit the corporate mold." At Generational Wealth Group, you call the shots. Work your own hours, escape the 9 to 5 mindset, and build your business how you'd like to. We're here to equip you, empower you, and let you loose.


Training & Support from day one

Thanks to our phenomenal team, you don't need any prior insurance experience. We've created an agent portal with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the onboarding process and continuously develop your skill set. If that's not enough, we'll also have you shadow some of the top producing agents in our agency. We only require that you are coachable, have a strong work ethic, and maintain a positive attitude.


Superior Product that sells itself


Whether you're a seasoned agent or new to the insurance industry, we offer a simple product that anyone can master it in no time. Worried about competitors? Don't be! We offer a niche product where we aren't competing with the masses so we can stay in our own lane! Our application is an an easy one page form that can be completed on paper or on our E-App technology and has a 98% approval rate. With those odds, there's nothing standing in your way of success!

Why Work With GWG

We take your long-term growth with us very seriously. Personal development is our focus. We offer everything you’re looking for in a job — mentorship, support, experience, and tangible opportunities to take control of your future. We’re firm believers that you have the right to pave your own path, and we’d simply like to give you the tools you need to succeed. Our leaders have a proven track record and we're more than willing to share our "secret sauce" with you, as long as you're willing to apply it!

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Meet Our Team

Equipped with more than 20 years of experience as well as the highly sought-after MGA certification, we’re the teammates you’ve been looking for. We each forged our own path to the success we have today, and we’d be honored to be part of your story. Fill out our one-page application to get started — we look forward to meeting you.