5 Vacation Destinations for Entrepreneurs

So, you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. You’re in the right place! Here at Generational Wealth Group, our aim is to help ambitious self-starters make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality through our one-of-a-kind final expenses insurance agency. When you work with Generational Wealth Group you can enjoy daily pay and residual income; on average, an agent can earn an income of $60K to $100K in their first year! Commissions are paid out on a daily basis and, with an 80% retention rate on our policies, you can earn a huge amount of residual income.

All of this extra income, when coupled with the fact that you will be your own boss — setting your own hours, calling your own shots — means that you’ll have all the resources you need to take some incredible vacations. And here at Generational Wealth Group, we know the value of getting away for entrepreneurs. In fact, we regularly take our agents on exotic trips to vacations such as Germany, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, and Scotland, where we can reap the benefits of our unique, self-directed lifestyle.

In this blog post, we share five of our favorite vacation destinations for entrepreneurs, so that you can get excited about what your life will look like when you partner with Generational Wealth Group! Visit our careers page now to get started with our easy, one-page application. Happy travels!


Aspen is one of America’s greatest getaway spots, for those who can afford it. Full of luxurious hotels and spas, eclectic boutiques, and high-end restaurants, Aspen has no shortage of ways to help you enjoy your hard-earned dollars. The main reason to visit Aspen, however, is that it’s surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, making it one of the top skiing destinations in the entire world. Thrillseekers come from near and far to test out Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, and the city’s other famous peaks. Even if you’re new to skiing you can still have a wonderful time hitting the smaller slopes in this winter wonderland.

Costa Rica

Who doesn’t love a tropical vacation? In Costa Rica the American dollar can go a long, long way, meaning that you can enjoy the country’s incredible scenery of beaches, jungles, and mountains without having to think twice about the price tag. This Central American paradise is teeming with wildlife, including spider monkeys, quetzal birds, and other exotic species, so those with a thirst for adventure can have an unforgettable encounter with the natural world.

Vegas, Baby!

Everyone needs to let off some steam now and then, but this is especially true for entrepreneurs, who often like to work hard to play hard. Even if you’re not into gambling, Las Vegas has everything you need to have the luxury vacation you deserve — world famous restaurants, awesome live shows, five-star hotels, and so much more! There are even some great hiking spots and scenic views around the city, so entrepreneurs with an outdoorsy spirit can get a much-needed breath of fresh air. 

San Francisco

Often considered the start-up capital of America, San Francisco is a great vacation destination for entrepreneurs not only because of its abundance of things to do, but also because it serves as a true testament of what can happen when ambitious people make their dreams a reality. This Northern California city is the perfect vacation spot for those who take their wellness seriously, since there are plenty of jogging opportunities along the breath-taking coastline, as well as boutique fitness studios and clean food restaurants.


London is another hot spot of the global economy that is not to be missed! One of the most affluent cities in the world, this metropolis is teeming with world famous museums, incredible architecture, inspired cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife. Whether you want to spend a romantic vacation with your significant other walking the banks of the Thames or you’re looking to stay up all night in the hip East End of the city, your London vacation is sure to be one to remember. 

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