Generational Wealth Group  is an agency whose goal is to help anyone who desires to change their lives through an industry that will allow them to build their own wealth empire while genuinely helping other people. Whether a novice or a seasoned agent, GWG provides real wealth-building opportunities to people of different ages and backgrounds who are motivated, coachable , and are willing to work hard to achieve big results.

At Generational Wealth Group, you control your own destiny. There’s no need to spend 20 years making steady annual raises and climbing the corporate ladder on someone else’s terms. There’s no income ceiling at Generational Wealth Group — you can make as much as you want as quickly as you want, but only if you’re willing to put forth the effort to get there!

Our business is people-focused; if you believe in creating truly exceptional experiences for people, then we want to talk to you. Here are just a few of the benefits provided by our partners:


In our opinion, our company has the best compensation and payment structure in the industry. On average, an agent can earn an income of $60k – $100k in their first year. Commissions are paid to you daily. With an 80% retention rate on our policies, you can earn a huge amount of residual income.
No other companies have our products. With a 98% approval rate, Lincoln Heritage can provide coverage to most individuals, even those with health conditions.
The senior population is the largest growing segment in the country. A baby boomer retires every eight seconds and will for the next 19 years. Florida has the largest senior citizen population in the United States, creating a great opportunity to market final expense insurance.
Our leads are company-generated and are not shared with any other company, agency, or agent. The lead costs are financed, which means no upfront costs. Free lead credits are also rewarded based on production requirements.
While many insurance companies have been forced to shut down due to COVID-19, we made an adjustment to our business model and now our agents have the ability to sell our superior product over the phone from the comfort of their own home.
Our agency is able to recruit average people and give them the best training and support in the industry. This enables them the opportunity to earn an above average income. Our proven mentorship program will guide you every step of the way to earn the income goal you set. Our company culture provides great incentives and rewards to support your earning growth.
As an added value, our company provides top-notch incentives such as cash bonuses, exotic trips, six-figure income ring, and a Rolex watch. Past destinations have been  Germany, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, and Scotland.



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