Our Vision

Founded with ambitious, creative thinkers like you in mind, Generational Wealth Group is
the career opportunity you’ve been looking for.  Our goal is to establish a reputation as a
company that provides fast, efficient and effective services where agents are provided with
opportunity to create the future and legacy they desire. We provide the tools and support to
our partners to overcome any obstacle that may hinder them. We sell the market’s leading
final expense product and offer truly exceptional customer service. We do this by specializing
in just one, simple, and necessary product.

Co-founded by Richard Farquharson, Jordan Mikes, and Toronto Smith, Generational Wealth
Group brings more than 20 years of experience to the table. We believe that if you can
succeed in this business, you can succeed in life!

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve thousands of people and we’re only
getting started. If you want to be part of something truly extraordinary, don’t hesitate to
contact us. We’re always available to talk about your goals and how Generational Wealth
Group can transform your life for the better. Fill out our simple contact form below, and we’ll
be in touch soon.

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